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Stats for Crops and Exports

By Manny Paiva

Wheat, canola and soybean stocks are all down from a year ago in Canada.

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U-S pork exports were up almost three per cent in March from a year ago while imports were down 1 and a half per cent.

Agriculture and AgriFood Canada reports federal slaughter in this country to the end of April was up 3 and a half per cent from a year earlier.

The Ontario average price of 186 dollars and 58 cents was up 17.6 per cent from the same week last year.

And total live hog exports to the U-S so far this year are 8.8 per cent higher than they were at this point in 2015.


Stats Canada has released its latest information on crops.

It shows corn for grain stocks were up over 23 per cent while barley stocks were up just over 12 per cent and oats up over 9 per cent from March 1st of 2015.

But wheat, canola and soybean stocks are all down from a year ago.

Stats show wheat stocks were down almost 24 per cent on March 1st, soybeans down just over 15 per cent and canola down just over 10 per cent.

Soybean stocks fell despite an over 3 per cent increase in Canadian soybean production in 2015.


This summer will mark the start of a three-year research project that could help stop the spread of diseases in soybeans.

Brandon University's Doctor Bryan Cassone says he's using a relatively new molecular technique to look for disease in soybeans.

He claims this method will help identify disease before visual symptoms appear.

Cassone says his method of identifying foliar disease could help with spraying strategies in terms of targeting problem areas early and efficiently.


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