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Keady Livestock Report

By Kevin Bernard

Here are the prices from Tuesday at the Keady Livestock Market.

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At the Keady Livestock Market on Tuesday -- 911 head of steers, heifers and cows were on offer.

Light weight grass cattle sold slightly stronger while heavier cattle sold steady.

Cull cows and bulls sold 1-2 higher.

Steer calves up to 600-pounds sold up to 2-dollars and 45 cents per pound and the same in heifers sold from 1 dollar and 77 cents to 2-dollars and 45 cents.

Steers weighing between 600 and 800-pounds sold from 1-dollar and 66 cents to 2-dollars and 29 -- while heifers sold up to 1 dollar and 86 cents.

Steers weighing 800 to 1 thousand pounds sold from 1 dollar and 67 cents to 1 dollar and 87 cents, while heifers sold up to a 1 dollar 72.

Cull cows sold from 76 to 92 cents, while bulls sold up to a dollar 2.

At the calf, sheep and goat barn -- 89 dollar calves were on offer, selling slightly higher.

Holstein male calves weighing 100 to 150 pounds sold up to 455 dollars per head.

Market lambs weighing 50-64 pounds sold to 3 dollars and 60 cents per pound, while Billy Goats sold up to 200 dollars per head.

At the small animal sale, Geese sold to 24 dollars per bird while Buck Rabbits stopped at 7 dollars a piece.

Silkie Seabright Poultry sold to 12 dollars each while Muscovy Drakes topped at 14.



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