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Creating Ag Related Jobs

By Fadi Didi

Feds announce $2-million plan to create Agriculture Youth Green Jobs initiative.

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Our federal government has followed through on its pledge for green jobs in agriculture.

Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay has announced a one-year investment of nearly two million dollars for the Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative.

If you remember, the initiative was included in the 2016 budget.

MacAulay says it will provide employment opportunities for post-secondary graduates to support the agriculture sector in implementing environmentally beneficial activities.

Under the initiative, support is available to fund internships both on the farm, and with organizations engaged in the agriculture and agri-food sector to help attract youth to green jobs.


An executive director of the Canadian Pork Council and a trade export says Canada exports about two-thirds of its pork production.

But Martin Rice feels there are still some trade barriers that have to be removed, specifically in South America and some Asian countries.

He feels Canada became a little too dependent on the Russian market a few years ago and there is some concern about dependency on the Chinese market.

Rice adds the low Canadian dollar is helping that process right now.


A company in Ottawa says it has a solution that can help keep farm animals healthy and thriving without the use of antibiotics.

Avivagen has created Ox-C-beta, a natural alternative to antibiotics in animal feed using beta-carotene.

C-E-O Cameron Groome says it doesn't replace a therapeutic use of antibiotics.

But he says it helps animals grow optimally and boosts their immune systems, making it less likely the animals will need a dose of antibiotics to treat a medical issue.

Some have pointed to the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock feed as a culprit in antibiotic resistance, resulting in urgent calls to quell their use and find alternatives.


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