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NFU Supports Fertilizer Stewardship Plan

By Fadi Didi

National Farmers Union supports efforts of the Grain Farmers of Ontario for the 4-R fertilizer stewardship process.

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The National Farmers Union is supporting the efforts of the Grain Farmers of Ontario for the 4-R fertilizer stewardship process.

The process involves the right type of fertilizer, in the right quantity, in the right place at the right time.

N-F-U Ontario President Emery Huszka says implementing the 4-R principles is an important step for farmers who want to improve their production practices.

Huszka argues Ontario farms contribute only a small portion of the Great Lakes algae bloom problems.

But he feels stewardship programs like the 4-R fertilizer program is a meaningful way for Ontario farmers to fulfill their part of the Ontario reduction strategy.


If you missed the news on the weekend -- Dennis Watson of the Tara area won the annual Tommy Cooper award.

Watson -- a farmer who teaches at Chesley District -- won the 2015 honour for his contributions to agriculture and rural life.

Allan Smith of the Tara area also received the Bruce County Federation of Agriculture Award of Merit.

He also won the award back in 2001.


Some farmers in Alberta are going to wait a bit longer to start seeding.

The ground is dry, but some field crops specialists say most farmers are concerned about another hard frost.


And a Vancouver-area animal rescue organization is working with a group in Thailand to save dogs destined to become meat.

The group "Leash'' says it has committed to bringing six dogs that were rescued by the Thai group, "Soi Dog,'' to Canada.

Dog meat is illegal in Thailand but not in some neighbouring countries.

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