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Agriculture Report

Fanshawe Launches Farm Course

By Fadi Didi

Agri-Business Management program described for people looking to enter agricultural sector at supervisory level or in agri-business environment.

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Those interested in a career in the agriculture industry now have another avenue.

Fanshawe College is launching a new Agri-Business Management program.

It's described as being for people looking to enter the agricultural sector at the supervisory level or to manage relationships in an agri-business environment centred on sales, lending or other services.

Courses include agricultural finance, food safety and traceability, new media marketing and precision technologies in agriculture.

Fanshawe says grads could get jobs in businesses including large farms, food processing and distribution firms or agricultural supply firms.


The average price of farmland across Canada increased 10.1 per cent last year.

A new report by Farm Credit Canada credits low interest rates and strong crop income for the maintained demand, which added to an upward trend that started in 1993.

The group's chief agricultural economist says farmers should prepare for a potential softening of the market as lower crop prices have already increased volatility.


Trade with Canada was discussed in Paris last week at the meetings for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Canada's agriculture minister Lawrence MacAulay met with his European Union counterpart to talk about the importance of a swift ratification of the Canada - EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

The deal would see almost 94 per cent of E-U agricultural tariff lines become duty-free.

They also boasted about the Organic Equivalency Arrangement that came into force on April 7th.

It allows organic products to flow more easily between Canada and Europe.


It's a time of mixed emotions at Canadian Western Agribition.

There was a record profit of more than 800-thousand dollars for the six-day agricultural event in Regina last November.

However, it was also revealed at the Annual General Meeting that CEO Marty Seymour will be departing at the end of the month.

He has accepted a new job in industry relations with Farm Credit Canada, which is also based in Regina.



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