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Calls to Fill Out Farm Census

By Fadi Didi

Farm Management Canada wants as many farm operators as possible to fill out agriculture census.

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Be on the lookout for the Census on Agriculture questionnaire.

It will start to be distributed across the country at the beginning of May.

Farm Management Canada wants as many farm operators as possible to fill it out.

Officials say the data will help government policy advisors develop farm support programs and evaluate the impact of natural disasters on the industry.

They also point out the data helps farm groups do outreach work, conduct market development and formulate policy recommendations.

The information is also kept confidential.


There's an online petition demanding that the owner of Canada's biggest honey brands stop using imported honey.

It's been launched by a group of Canadian beekeepers against McCormick Canada.

They claim McCormick has stopped buying Canadian honey in favour of cheaper imported honey, and it's putting many of them at risk of bankruptcy.

McCormick Canada is the parent company of the Billy Bee and Natural Honey Farms honey brands.

Vice President of Marketing Andrew Foust says 85 per cent or more of the honey his company uses is sourced from Canada.


The National Farmers Union says farmers need to see more price transparency in the industry.

Canada's single desk monopoly, the Canadian Wheat Board, was dismantled under the Harper government back in August of 2012.

N-F-U President Jan Slomp says farmers have felt the loss of the board and its marketing power.

He says the N-F-U would like to see a single desk selling agency re-established for wheat.

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