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NFU Prepares for Federal Budget

By Fadi Didi

National Farmers Union says this week's federal budget must rebuild agriculture institutions.

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The National Farmers Union says this week's federal budget must rebuild agriculture institutions.

The NFU is calling for the return to prior funding levels at the least and renewing the government's commitment to the public interest.

The group wants the federal government to refocus agricultural programs and policy on the principles of food sovereignty.

It also calls for a re-investment in agriculture research, and correcting the damage caused by ending the single desk for wheat marketing.


The Egg Farmers of Canada has issued a statement.

The group says it looks forward to discussing the benefits of enriched cages with industry partners.

A slew of grocery members of the Retail Council of Canada have joined a growing list of merchants saying they plan to offer only cage-free eggs by the end of 2025.

However, the commitment depends on farmers being able to meet the growing demand for eggs from hens not living in cages.

Enriched cages are larger than battery cages, but animal rights activists say they still pose cruel conditions.


Animal rights groups are calling on the federal government to update the regulations governing the transportation of farm animals across Canada.

The groups -- including Mercy for Animals Canada and Humane Society International Canada -- says the existing rules date back to 1975.

The groups say they currently allow for cattle to be in transit for 52 hours without access to food or water, while the maximum for pigs and chickens is 36 hours.

Spokeswoman Krista Hiddema says the regulations fall well below the standards of other countries.


An intergovernmental group has launched a new tool to help warn of possible food insecurity, and it's bulletin for this month warns about severe droughts attributed to El Nino.

The Group on Earth Observations says the Early Warning Crop Monitor is reporting the droughts are affecting countries in Southeast Asia, and even more so in Southern Africa.

The Early Warning Crop Monitor provides consensus reports on crop conditions in countries at risk of food insecurity.



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