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More Money for FCC Loans

By Manny Paiva

Farm Credit Canada announces $500 million to its Young Farmer Loan program.

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Farm Credit Canada has announced it is adding 500 million dollars to its Young Farmer Loan program.

The F-C-C has approved almost six thousand loans worth up to two billion dollars since the program was launched in March 2012.

The Young Farmer Loan provides qualified producers, under age 40, with loans of up to 500-thousand dollars to purchase or improve farmland and buildings.


Speaking of money -- our federal government has announced four million dollars for three innovative projects through the Canadian Cattlemen's Association.

The first project involves 2.6 million dollars to provide packers, retailers and consumers with easy access to beef product information.

Another 380 thousand dollars will go to a feasibility study into the use of satellite-based technology to track and measure forage and pasture production.

This study will lay the basis for Forage insurance for livestock producers.

The third project is worth just over one million dollars -- and it is to enhance the quality of Canadian beef using Computer Vision Systems measurements.



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