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Mixed Reaction to Ontario Budget

By Kevin Bernard

Some farmers are concerned about the increases in service fees and the price of gasoline.

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There is mixed reaction from the farm sector for the 2016 provincial budget.

Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal says it allows the province to continue to expand on growth on innovation, the agri-food sector and the environment.

And Leal feels farming community has a big role to play in achieving those goals

Leal notes of the 52-thousand family farms i nthe province -- more than 30-thousand are involved in the volunteer environmental farm plans.

But some farmers are concerned about the increases in service fees and the price of gasoline.


Charges have now been laid against a dairy farm and seven of its employees in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia.

The SPCA says there are 20 charges of animal cruelty.

Chilliwack Cattle Sales Limited and five of its corporate directors have also been charged with causing or permitting animals to be in distress.

The British Columbia S-P-C-A says

16 of the counts are related to cruelty against cows and four concern treatment of a pigeon.

The charges come about 18 months after a disturbing video surfaced showing farm animals being viciously beaten.

It shows dairy cows being beaten with chains, canes and rakes, and being kicked and punched.


The agriculture industry is protecting much of southern Alberta from the economic downturn plaguing the energy industry.

The City of Lethbridge and the surrounding area is enjoying an agri-boom largely fuelled by high beef prices and a burgeoning agri-food manufacturing industry.


And there is a new tax credit aimed at providing B-C food banks with more and healthier donations.

It's called the Farmers' Food Donation Tax Credit -- and it will be worth 25 per cent of the fair market value of donated products.



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