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No Cage Free Eggs at A and W

By Fadi Didi

A and W wants farmers to build safer cage-free living spaces for their hens.

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We are going to have to wait a little longer to find out if the Grain Farmers of Ontario will have their appeal heard.

The group wants to appeal the dismissal of their case against the new neonic regulations.

G-F-O lawyers are also asking for a stay on the regulations and interpretation of those rules.

A three-member judicial panel has reserved its decision.

Chair Mark Brock says his organization appreciates the court taking the time to consider the significance of the issue.


A and W is not joining the growing list of restaurants that have promised to serve only cage-free eggs.

The restaurant says it wants farmers to build safer cage-free living spaces for their hens.

A and W currently buys eggs from farmers who keep their hens in so-called enriched cages.

These are larger than battery cages, and feature perches and scratch pads intended to allow the birds to exhibit more natural behaviours.

President Susan Senecal says there are not enough cage free farms in Canada.

A and W is also giving 100 thousand dollars to Farm and Food Care Canada -- to study ways of sourcing eggs from hens housed in improved free-run and free-range systems.


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