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Pastures Conference in Elmwood

By Kevin Bernard

Ontario Forage Council is holding its Profitable Pastures conference and trade show on Wednesday.

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The Ontario Forage Council is holding its Profitable Pastures conference and trade show on Wednesday.

It's taking place at the Elmwood Community Centre.

The theme this year is -- "the Art of Good Pasture Management -- It Really Works."

There will be several presentations and a producer panel.

The keynote speaker is Juan Alvez of Uruguay -- who is also the Pasture Program Technical Coordinator at the University of Vermont.

He will discuss his study that found grasslands play a key role in a healthy pastures.


It appears the ketchup being served in the Queen's Park dining room doesn't quite cut the mustard with at least one M-P-P.

Taras Natyshak has presented a petition demanding that only ketchup made with Leamington-grown tomatoes be served at the Ontario legislature.

The Essex area MPP wants French's ketchup served in the cafeteria -- not Heinz, which shut down its Leamington plant and put about 750 people out of work.


There were more heads of cattle on Canadian farms at the start of this year compared to last year.

Stats Canada reports 12 million head as of Janaury 1st

That was up 0.3 per cent from January 1st of 2015.

It's also the first year-over-year increase since January of 2013.

However, it was still almost 20 per cent lower than the peak in 2005.


The U-S Department of Agriculture has amended regulations to allow the country's repeal of country-of-origin labelling for beef and pork.

Canada's ministers of international trade and agriculture say they're now reviewing the amendment.


A farm group in the U-S has announced it is starting a boycott against the Wendy's fast-food chain.

The Coalition of Immokalee (ih-MAHK'-ah-lee) Workers is planning 10 days of demonstrations.

It wants Wendy's to pay a penny-per-pound fee for its tomatoes to supplement some farmworkers' wages.

Wendy's has said it requires its suppliers to follow a code of ethics -- and that it is up to them to pay their employees. 




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