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Drop in Beef Prices Coming

By Fadi Didi

We are being told we won't notice a drop in the price of beef for up to 6 months.

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We are being told that it could take four to six months to notice a real drop in price on beef.

CanFax says cattle prices have dropped as much as 15 to 20 per cent in the last couple of months due to an increase in supply.

One Livestock Sales Manager, Scott Anderson, says he's seen the price per head drop as much as 300 to 400 dollars year over year.

Anderson says the low Canadian dollar is providing a cushion for producers because a fair portion of what they raise goes to the U-S, which means they get paid in U-S dollars.


There is a workshop in Markdale on Wednesday that talks about the value of mariginal land.

Alternative Land Use Services is sponsoring the day long session that details the environmental and financial value of marginal lands.

There will also be guest speakers to share information about such things as buffer strips and shelterbelts -- and to get funding for your projects.

The meeting begins at 10 AM on Wednesday at the Grey Ag Services building.

For more information -- call 986-3756.

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