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Keady Livestock Report

By Kevin Bernard

Here are the prices from Tuesday at the Keady Livestock Market.

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At the Keady Livestock Market on Tuesday -- 259 head of steers, heifers, cows and bulls were on offer.

A light run of stocker and feeder cattle sold on brisk demand at steady prices while cows and bulls sold fully steady.

Steer calves up to 600-pounds sold up to 2-dollars and 70 cents per pound and the same in heifers sold from 1 dollar 40 to 2-dollars and 67 cents.

Steers weighing between 600 and 800-pounds sold from 1-dollar and 18 cents to 2-dollars and 52 -- while heifers sold up to 2 dollars and 26 cents.

Steers weighing 800 to a thousand pounds sold from 2 dollars and six cents while heifers sold from a dollar 97 to 2 dollars and 3 cents.

Cull cows ranged from 81 to a dollar 2 while bulls sold to a dollar 14.

At the calf, sheep and goat barn -- 58 dollar calves were on offer, selling steady.

Holstein male calves weighing 100 to 150 pounds sold up to 425 dollars per head.

Market lambs weighing 50-64 pounds sold to 2 dollars and 80 cents per pound while Nanny Goats sold up to 130 dollars per head.

The small animal sale will begin March 1st.



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