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Public Meeting for Hay Co-op

By Fadi Didi

The new Ontario Hay and Forage Co-operative is holding a meeting in Elmwood Monday night.

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Farmers in our region can learn more about the new Ontario Hay and Forage Co-operative.

The group is holding a public meeting tonight at 7 o'clock at the Elmwood Community Centre.

It will focus on the group's start-up hay processing and export development venture.

The Co-op plans to build a multi million dollar double compacting hay facility in Southern Ontario, which will ship farm dried hay to emerging overseas markets.

Director Chris Martin says tonight's meeting is a great opportunity for producers to ask questions about the costs and benefits of drying hay.

Farmers can learn more about the technology being used and the research behind the project.


It's time to be thinking about seeding rates.

Farmers are busy finalizing their cropping plans.

Crop Specialist Shannon Chant says a key factor in calculating your seeding rate is knowing your target plant populations.

To determine the seeding rate in pounds per acre -- take the target plant population, and multiply by the thousand kernel weight in grams, then divide by your expected seedling survival percentage, and multiply by 10.


Canada's largest potash producer is cutting its dividend by 34 per cent in response to weaker sales volumes and lower global fertilizer prices.

The announcement was included with the latest financial report from Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan -- which saw its fourth-quarter profit cut in half.

The Saskatoon based company's net income dropped to 201 million dollars from 407 million in the 4th quarter of 2014.





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