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Pesticides Work Takes Years

By Fadi Didi

Audit finds it takes years for the federal Pest Management Agency to remove risky pesticides from marketplace.

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A new audit finds that it takes years for the federal Pest Management Agency to remove risky pesticides from the marketplace.

The annual report from the federal environment commissioner's office also says routine re-evaluations are falling far behind.

The Liberal government moved last week to stop the practice of conditionally registering pesticides, but the commissioner's report indicates that is just one area of concern.

All products are supposed to be re-evaluated every 15 years.

And commissioner Julie Gelfand says 95 per cent of re-evaluations result in additional precautions to protect health or the environment.

However only 14 products are re-checked each year.


Ontario's new environmental commissioner says she's not against money for farmers.

Dianne Saxe says recent climate change talks in Paris focused on ending fossil fuel subsidies and she raised the example of Ontario's farmers, who are exempted from a tax on diesel fuel.

The province misses out on about 190 million dollars a year -- and Saxe said she's not convinced most of that fuel is being used by farmers.

Ontario Federation of Agriculture president Don McCabe says he's glad to hear Saxe was merely raising questions about the issue.

And he welcomes a discussion on the role of farmers in combating climate change.


It only took 15 months to complete.

Farm and Food Care Canada has completed its new Real Dirt on Farming booklet.

More than one million copies have been distributed.

The booklet is written to answer Canadians' questions about food and farming, and topics include pesticides, antibiotics and G-M-Os.

Its goal is to help readers make more informed decisions about their food purchases.


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