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Farm Census Should Be Shorter

By Fadi Didi

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada says farmers should spend 30 per cent less time on census.

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2016 is the year of the census for Canadian farmers.

All farm operators will receive a letter at the beginning of May -- with instructions on how to complete the questionnaire online.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has said this survey will be faster.

Officials say farmers should spend 30 per cent less time responding to the 2016 Census than they did the previous census in 2011.

The census provides a historical perspective on Canadian agriculture and on trends in the industry.


There are calls for the Liberal government to provide migrant farm workers with permanent residency for the work they do.

The group Justice for Migrant Workers says the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program brings in thousands of people.

While technically getting the same work benefits as Canadians in the farm and agriculture sector, the group argues that's not always the case.

Spokesperson Tzazna Miranda says it's difficult for the workers to assert their rights when they know they can be deported for complaining about a health issue at work.


Farmers in the western France blocked a national highway on the weekend with a pile of smoldering tires.

They were protesting falling prices.

The farmers want more help from the government -- saying they cannot pay their bills because prices have stagnated or fallen while they face higher expenses than their competitors elsewhere in the European Union.


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