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Organic Farmers Are Busy

By Fadi Didi

Organic farmers say higher prices for conventional products are making them busier.

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Prices on fruits and veggies are predicted to go up in grocery stores this year.

And while shoppers may not be ecstatic about paying more for certain foods, not everyone sees it as a bad thing.

Organic farmer Graham Pusch says it's going to level the playing field for organic produce, which is currently seen as being higher priced than conventional products.

He says things are going so well he's having trouble keeping up with demand.


Canada's beef industry in 2011 produced more beef with less breeding stock and land than in 1981.

The Beef Cattle Research Council says the industry also reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 15 per cent in that 20 year period.

Manure and fuel use account for some of the methane and carbon dioxide emissions.


New research suggests that farming methods common to developed countries may be more vulnerable to climate change.

A study published in the journal Nature has found that farms in North America, Europe and Australia tend to be more affected by drought than in developing countries.

It also says farms with smaller plots and more diverse crops may be more resilient to such conditions.


The last sugar plantation in Hawaii is getting out of the sugar growing business.

Alexander and Baldwin Incorporated says it will phase out sugar by the end of 2016.

Its Maui plantation will be divided into smaller farms to grow biofuels and food crops.

The company says it suffered millions in losses last year.


And Xtreme Cowboy Competitions are growing in popularity.

President Lantz McLaren says the sport is based on the actual work a horse and rider may do on a farm or ranch.

It involves putting the horse and rider through a course that includes jumps, bridges and gates and also tests for lateral and backwards movement.

But the course is never the same twice from competition to competition.



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