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Higher Bills for Groceries in 2016

By Matt Villeneuve

Executives from grocery chains across Canada have joined warnings about higher food prices in 2016.

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Executives from grocery chains across Canada have joined the warnings about higher food prices in 2016.

They say there's no immediate relief in sight from increased food costs and a sinking loonie that have led to higher prices.

The University of Guelph's Food Institute estimates the average Canadian household spent an additional 325 dollars on food this year.

It also forecasts an additional annual increase of about 345 dollars in 2016.

Since 81 per cent of all vegetables and fruit consumed in Canada are imported, they are highly vulnerable to currency fluctuations.

They are pegged to increase in price by 4 to 4.5 per cent in the new year.


Canada's two main railways have exceeded their Western grain revenue entitlements for the 2014-2015 crop year.

The Transportation Agency claims C-P Rail received more than two million dollars above its entitlement.

C-N Rail's grain revenue was nearly seven million above its entitlement.

The companies now have 30 days to repay the excess amounts plus a five per cent penalty.


A couple from the Ottawa-area is turning to police and the public to help them find their missing honeybees.

Two sizable hives holding some 30-thousand bees have been stolen from a field belonging to Marianne Gee and her husband.

They un the Gees Bees Honey Company and rents bee hives to businesses in the capital region.

When the couple went to check on the hives on Boxing Day, they found the large wooden structures and all their buzzing inhabitants were missing.

They even saw footprints in the mud where someone walked up to the hives and likely left in a truck or trailer.

Gee worries the bees could die in the winter weather.

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