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Vegetables Gaining in Popularity

By Fadi Didi

One chef expects the root-to-leaf movement will continue to grow in 2016.

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Vegetables are getting a starring role on many dinner tables across Canada.

Trend watchers, chefs and foodies sayu vegetables had an amazing year in 2015.

One chef, Christine Couvelier, expects the root-to-leaf movement will continue in 2016.

She anticipates more creative preparations -- from grilling and smoking to roasting and charring.

Couvelier says those in the business understand the value of fresh, local produce that can be used innovatively and creatively in the kitchen.


Groups that represent hunters and conservationists want the federal government to do more to fight a fatal animal disease that is spreading in the wild.

Chronic wasting disease has been an issue in wild deer and elk in parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The contagious disease -- which is caused by abnormal proteins, and is similar to mad cow disease -- was linked to commercial game farms years ago.


A federal scientist in the U-S claims he was punished for publicizing research showing a link between pesticides and the decline in bees and other pollinators.

Jonathan Lundgren filed a whistleblower complaint against the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The complaint alleges Lundgren's research and work travel was scrutinized, and that he was suspended for violating agency protocols.

Some feel pressure from the pesticide industry led the U-S-D-A to stifle Lundgren and other scientists.

But the U-S-D-A says it is committed to scientific integrity.

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