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Crop Production Keeps Pressure on Prices

By Fadi Didi

BMO reports North American crop production was above trend again for a third straight year.

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The Bank of Montreal says North American crop production was above trend again this year -- the third straight year that's happened.

Economist Aaron Goertzen says that trend has kept downward pressure on crop prices and farm income.

But he notes it has been a windfall for livestock farmers, food processors and consumers.

Goertzen points out the situation is not the same in both Canada and the U-S.

While American farmers brought in another bumper crop, Canadian producers grappled with sub-par growing conditions for a second straight season.

Goertzen suggests composite Canadian crop yields fell about 5 per cent short of norms this year -- about the same as they did last year.


Another group has come forward with a positive reaction to the dismantling of the Country of Origin Labelling laws for beef and pork in the U-S.

The Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association says beef producers can expect to see more cattle being sold south of the border sooner rather than later.

Spokesperson Ryder Lee says a lot of hard work by producers and politicians across the country went into the fight.


If you like out of province cheese -- then you should be aware of this recall.

Five shredded cheese products made by Manitoba-based Bothwell Cheese are being pulled from store shelves over fears of possible listeria contamination.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the items include mozzarella blend shredded cheese -- as well as mild, white, old and old cheddar products.

They've been sold in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec.




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