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U-S Congress To Repeal COOL

By Fadi Didi

Legislators in the U-S have drafted a bill that responds to Canadian and Mexican demands on meat labelling.

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Canada's Agriculture Minister is going to keep a close eye on the U-S Congress.

Legislators south of the border have drafted a bill that responds to Canadian and Mexican demands on meat labelling.

It would repeal mandatory country-of-origin labelling on beef and pork, should it pass a vote in the coming days.

Our Ag Minister Laurence MacAuley says there are three stages where the legislation could be derailed.

Canada and Mexico had been poised to immediately impose one billion dollars in tariffs on a wide range of American products -- from frozen orange juice to wine.


The mild start to winter could impact Canada's maple syrup production.

The impact would hit hardest in Quebec -- which is the world's dominant maple syrup producer.

But it would also play a factor here in Ontario as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and syrup-producing American states like Vermont and New York.

Producers on both sides of the border aren't yet ready, however, to throw in the towel.

The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers says it's too soon to know what impact warmer conditions could have next spring.


With just a couple of weeks to go before the St. Lawrence Seaway closes -- cargo traffic is down 10 and a half per cent to 31.5 million tonnes as of the end of November.

C-E-O Terence Bowles says grain was "a really good story'' this year, even though shipments are running about 11 per cent below a strong 2014.

But heavy ice caused another late start to the season, and Bowles says coal shipments are down as Ontario and the U-S continue to wean themselves off the fuel.

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