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Big WTO Ruling for Beef, Pork Sectors

By Fadi Didi

WTO rules Canada and Mexico can impose $1-billion in annual tariffs on U-S products over COOL issue.

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It's a victory for Canada's beef and pork sectors.

The World Trade Organization has ruled Canada and Mexico can impose one billion dollars in annual tariffs on U-S products.

The decision comes in a long-running saga focused on how the U-S labels packaged steaks and other meats.

The W-T-O ruled in May that the American labelling -- known as COOL -- violated its international trade obligations.

The W-T-O had found that the American rules-of-origin labelling provisions left Canadian and Mexican meat products at a disadvantage.


U-S food companies meanwhile are mounting an aggressive year-end push to head off mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods.

The food industry wants the labeling to be voluntary -- and it hopes to get a provision in a massive spending bill that Republicans and Democrats want to wrap up this week.

If that occurs, companies would not be forced to disclose whether their products contain genetically modified organisms, or G-M-Os.

The country's largest food companies say genetically modified foods are safe and that labels would be misleading.

Supporters of labeling counter that consumers have a right to know what's in their foods.


Regional poultry producers will meet in Brodhagen tomorrow.

Updates on Avian influenza from the province and the Ontario Poultry Industry Council will be a hot topic.

Spokeswoman Laura Bowers says they use the updates to look at the current issues, new technology and new trends facing the province's poultry industry.

Bowers says a panel discussion will include how to prevent the disease coming onto a farm.

She adds they will also look at a number of `what-if' scenarios around any possible avian flu outbreaks.



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