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Farm Revenues Up in Ontario

By Matt Villeneuve

Stats Canada reports revenue rose for Ontario farmers by $39.5 million for 2014 farming year.

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Revenues are up for Ontario farmers.

Stats Canada reports revenue rose by 39 and a half million dollars for the 2014 farming year when you compare the numbers to 2013.

Farm revenues in Ontario last year totalled 2.6 billion dollars.

That is roughly half of the gains made between 2012 and 2013.

Crop receipts were on the decline -- but the losses were offset by rising livestock receipts, led by cattle and pork prices.

Stats Can also reports a 15 per cent drop weather-related insurance claims.


As part of a massive restructuring plan, Maple Leaf Foods says it is eliminating 400 positions -- most of the job losses coming during the holiday season.

The rest of the cuts will take place in 2016.

Maple Leaf employs about 12-thousand people across Canada.

It has been streamlining operations by combining some plants, closing others, and reducing its number of distribution centres.


Don't worry about a shortage for butter affecting your holiday baking.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada says the industry is taking steps to ensure that butter and other products with a higher percentage of butter fat remain readily available in stores.

Consumer demand has increased faster than anticipated -- leading the Canadian Dairy Commission to increase the quota level.

But the Dairy Farmers says if demand continues to outstrip the supply, the commission can arrange to import butter from other countries.



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