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OFA Keeps Same President

By Fadi Didi

Don McCabe of Lambton County is back for a second term as President of the OFA.

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The Ontario Federation of Agriculture has the same president.

Don McCabe of Lambton County is back for a second term.

He was unopposed at this week's election at the O-F-A convention in Toronto.

Two vice-presidents will also be back, as they too were unopposed.

Keith Currie represents Peel, Simcoe and York and Peggy Brekveld is from northern Ontario.


Ontario Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal was one of the speakers to start the 2015 Ontario Federation of Agriculture annual meeting.

The minister spoke about the importance of educating consumers,.

Leal pointed out the O-F-A's 6-by-16 campaign that teaches teens how to prepare 6 meals with locally grown produce by the time they are 16 years old.


Canadian Federation of Agriculture president Ron Bonnett thinks it's time to take a breather on international trade deals.

He told the Ontario Federation of Agriculture delegates this week that signing a trade deal is only the first step in getting real market access.

Bonnett argues relationships have to be built and efforts need to be made to find out what non-tariff barriers might be in place to hinder free trade.

He also thinks there may still be a place for the World Trade Organization with all the bilateral deals being made.

Bonnett says those deals all require a speedy dispute resolution mechanism and that could be a role the W-T-O fills.


And 5 people have been inducted into the Canadian Agriculture Hall of Fame.

They include former Saskatchewan premier Grant Devine, Saskatchewan cereal researcher Ron DePauw, B.C. winemaking pioneer Anthony von Mandl, and the late Ovila Lebel, an egg farmer from Quebec.

The fifth is the late E. Ward Jones, who is being honoured for his role in the development of 4-H across Canada.




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