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Agriculture Report

Study on Agricultural Producer Stress

By Fadi Didi

Farmers invited to take part in anonymous, 15 minute survey about farm stress.

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There is a nationwide study on agricultural producer stress.

The survey is being done by Andria Jones-Bitton -- an associate professor of epidemiology at the Ontario Veterinary College.

She says it takes about 15 minutes to complete and it's anonymous.

It's also open to all Canadian producers.

The goal is to investigate the relationships between stress and resilience -- and to gather important information about the mental wellness of agricultural producers in Canada.

Participants can enter to win one of three draws for 200 dollars, but names will not be linked to survey responses.


Two areas with the Ontario Farmland Health Incentive Program have more money available for farmers.

The funding caps for cost-share projects has been increased to 25 thousand dollars.

The compensation for the Check-Up has been increased to 500 dollars.

It is part part of the program to reduce phosphorous run-offs into the lakes and protect pollinator habitat.


There's new legislation in Quebec that states ''animals are not things'' -- and that they have the ability to feel and have biological needs.

Agriculture Minister Pierre Paradis spearheaded the bill.

He hopes it will help transform Quebec from the jurisdiction with some of the least strict animal-welfare rules in North America to one with some of the toughest.

Paradis says he was inspired by Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia, which have similar animal-welfare laws.


And the Keystone Agricultural Producers in Manitoba are calling on the C-F-I-A to keep a truck washing rule.

The agency is relaxing its requirement that all hog trucks and trailers entering Manitoba from the U-S must be washed in the province -- and instead will allow vehicles to be washed in the U-S.



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