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Chesley Farm Fined for Downed Animal

By Fadi Didi

Schriek Farms has pleaded guilty to sending a downed animal to Brussels Livestock for auction.

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A farm in Chesley has pleaded guilty to sending a downed animal to Brussels Livestock for auction.

Schriek Farms Limited was charged under the Food Safety and Quality Act -- and fined 15 hundred dollars.

The Holstein cow was shipped to market in June of 2014.

It was deemed a downed animal and euthanized when a veterinarian on-site found it was suffering from a twisted stomach.


Beef Farmers have been recognized by the Ontario Association of Food Banks.

The B-F-O has won the Paul Mistele Memorial Award -- an honour that recognizes Food Banks agricultural partners that have shown significant and enduring commitment to ending hunger in Ontario.

Beef Farmers contributed $40,000 last year for the purchase of 15,000 pounds of fresh, ground beef for the food banks.

Executive Director Sharon Lee says that product was distributed to more than 80 food banks across Ontario.


A professor at the University of Guelph's Food Institute says Canada's dairy industry could face a bigger hit than previously thought under the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Sylvain Charlebois says in addition to affecting milk -- the T-P-P agreement would allow for more imports of yogurt, ice cream and different types of cheese.

Charlebois calculates the agreement will increase dairy imports by four per cent, a difference he says is not insignificant.

Former prime minister Stephen Harper promised during the election campaign the Conservatives would provide 4.3 billion dollars over 15 years to compensate Canadian farmers and processors.


And the U-S Environmental Protection Agency wants to ban a common pesticide used on fruits, vegetables, almonds and other crops.

The proposal would prohibit use of chlorpyrifos -- a widely used insecticide since 1965.

Public comments are now welcome.

A final decision is expected next December.


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