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Ontario Pork Criticizes Activists

By Kevin Bernard

While agreeing individuals have right to protest, Ontario Pork says safety must not be compromised.

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The annual meeting and barn meeting for the Grey County Holstein Club is being held tomorrow.

It takes place at the farm of Edgar and Joyce Martin on Southgate Road 14 near Dundalk.

There is a by donation lunch at 12 Noon and it will be followed by the meeting.


Figures released by the provincial apiarist line up pretty closely with Ontario beekeeper losses reported earlier by the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists.

The Ontario report has commercial losses at 38 per cent and small scale producer losses at 37 per cent.

The factor cited by most Ontario producers for winter loss was starvation at just over 19 per cent.

Weak colonies in the fall and poor queens both followed at about 15 per cent.

About 10 per cent of the beekeepers blamed their losses on chronic pesticide damage while six per cent blamed acute pesticide damage.


Ontario Pork is criticizing some animal rights activists, saying their protests are compromising animal and public safety.

An Ontario woman recently was charged with mischief for providing water to sweltering pigs in a truck on their way to the slaughterhouse on a hot day back in June.

The woman allegedly gave the water to the animals through the slats of a truck's trailer.

While agreeing individuals have the right to protest, Ontario Pork says safety for all parties and food integrity must not be compromised.



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