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Protecting the Goat Industry

By Manny Paiva

Ontario Goat is helping to fund new research project to protect industry from scrapie.

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There's a new research project that could help Ontario's goat industry protect itself from scrapie.

Researchers at Trent University have been able to identify specific genotypes in herds involved in two scrapie outbreaks last year.

Ontario Goat now has funding to take that research further -- to help producers use genetics to select goats that are scrapie resistant.

The slow-moving but fatal central nervous system disease in goats and sheep limits productivity -- and poses a severe risk to the viability of the industry.

There's no treatment or vaccine currently available for it.


The U-S Department of Agriculture now says global wheat ending stocks are going to be 1.2 million tons lower than forecast a month ago.

However, the department says that's still a record number.

The latest World Supply And Demand Estimates Report boosted global coarse grain -- including corn stocks -- by 24.3 million tons.

It also cut global oilseed stocks, including soybeans by 2.2 million tons.

The U-S-D-A says more than half of the world's corn ending stocks are expected to be held in China.


Ontario Pork producers have heard about a new plant being built in Michigan that could help slaughter capacity here.

The Clemens Food Group is building the plant in Coldwater in Northern Michigan.

It will have the capacity to process about 10 thousand hogs a day.

Spokesperson Dan Groff is optimistic the plant's proximity to the Canadian border will make it mutually beneficial for his company and Ontario's pork producers.


A company in Guelph is buying Masterfeeds.

Alltech of Guelph has purchased the commercial animal nutrition company.

Under the deal, Masterfeeds will continue to be headquartered in London.



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