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Dairy Farmers Not Worried

By Fadi Didi

Dairy Farmers say they are not worried about review of compensation package for TPP Deal.

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The Dairy Farmers of Canada say they are not worried.

Spokesperson Isabelle Bouchard says they are talking to the federal government about the review of the compensation package as part of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

New Liberal trade minister Chrystia Freeland has said the 4.3 billion dollar compensation package promised by the Conservatives is not a done deal.

Freeland adds that package is under review as part of their promise to consult with Canadians on the massive 12-country Pacific Rim trade pact.


Ontario Pork is predicting a drop in hog prices will still continue.

Spokesperson Patrick O'Neil suggests prices should start levelling off in the next few days after what he calls a rapid and terrible ride down.

O'Neil points out the Ontario Pork formula price for hogs is based on what's happening in the U-S.

And he notes American packers have been surprised by the number of hogs coming to market.


More than a dozen vintage tractors have been destroyed in a fire that levelled a farm shop in central Alberta.

Crews were able to protect a nearby house and mobile home from the fire earlier this week -- but they couldn't save the shop.

14 tractors belonging to the family's grandfather were lost.

He had spent more than two decades restoring old models for resale.

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