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GFO Ready To Talk to Ag Minister

By Fadi Didi

Grain Farmers looking forward to speaking with Lawrence MacAuley about several issues.

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The Grain Farmers of Ontario have a number of issues to discuss with new federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAuley.

One is the issue of regulations over neonic treated seeds.

The G-F-O wants uniform rules across Canada.

It argues rules the seed restrictions in Ontario put farmers here at a disadvantage against farmers in other parts of North America -- including other parts of Canada.

The G-F-O also wants adequate funding for safety net programs -- and a commitment to invest in public plant research from the new federal government.


Ontario producers will be watching the Premier's next trade mission closely.

Kathleen Wynne is in China for the next week.

She is focusing on agriculture trade, as well as science and technology on this mission.


And the details of the Trans Pacific Partnership have been leaked.

The agriculture industry in Canada will want to know that the 39 per cent tariff on cattle exports will be mostly eliminated.

But of course -- there's the fact that more foreign dairy will be allowed into the country, causing a market-share loss of at least 3 per cent for some Canadian dairy producers.

The previous Conservative government promised compensation packages for the industry.

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