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New Agriculture Minister Unveiled

By Fadi Didi

NFU wants to work with new Ag Minister Laurence MacAuley and discuss TPP.

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The new Agriculture Minister for Canada is from the East Coast.

Lawrence MacAulay is from Prince Edward Island -- and several farm groups have come out and said they look forward to working with him.

One is the National Farmers Union.

President Jan Slomp says they look forward to the review of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Slomp is concerned about maintaining the supply management system for the dairy sector because he feels it could have a serious impact on supply management.


There's a new calendar for 2016 about farm families in Ontario and the food they produce.

The 11th edition of the Faces of Farming calendar was unveiled at the recent Farm and Food Care Harvest Gala in Kitchener.

There is a Q-R code on the bottom of each calendar page which directs viewers to video interviews with each of the farmers and farm families.

About four thousand of the calendars are being sent out to politicians, grocery stores and butcher shops.


Officials say traces of a citrus disease have been confirmed in South Texas nearly 70 years after it was eradicated.

Citrus canker -- a bacterial disease destructive to citrus crops -- was discovered on a lime tree on October 16th.

Officials say the disease can be spread by high winds and rain and causes deformed, inedible fruit.

Officials are now inspecting trees within a one mile radius of the infected tree.




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