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Ag Ministry Fills Vacancies

By Fadi Didi

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture has filled three major field crop staff vacancies.

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The Ministry of Agriculture has filled three major field crop staff vacancies in Ontario.

Meghan Moran is the new canola and edible bean specialist.

She comes from the Grain Farmers of Ontario, where she was the research coordinator.

The new provincial cereals specialist is Joanna Follings, a former research analyst for the department.

The new Ontario Corn Industry Program Lead is Ben Rosser.

He was a research technician at the University of Guelph, with a primary focus on applied research projects investigating corn agronomic practices.


Fertilizer Canada has joined forces with Farm Management Canada to set up an on-line survey.

Officials say they want to get a handle on nutrient stewardship practices.

They want measurable data regarding current practices as well as opportunities to enhance Nutrient Stewardship Program reach and impact.

Fertilizer Canada argues farmers need the information, tools and resources to efficiently use fertilizers and other soil nutrients to continue to produce food in an economic, environmental and socially-sustainable manner.


An effort spanning 10 Canadian provinces and 31 U-S states has been working to better understand the ecological role that bats play -- and the threats they face.

The North American Bat Monitoring Program involves acoustic surveys to detect the high-pitched frequencies emitted by the flying mammals as they capture bugs and navigate in the dark.

Researchers say the monitoring program has been spurred by a disease called white-nose syndrome that has killed millions of bats and is spreading.

Scientists say one threat to bats are wind farms, where as many as 800-thousand bats die each year in collisions with spinning blades.



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