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Getting More Women in Agriculture

By Fadi Didi

Online survey looks at possible barriers to women advancing to leadership roles in agriculture.

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There is online survey being done by the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council.

It looks at possible barriers to women advancing to leadership roles in agriculture.

The survey is part of a three year research project called "Supporting the Advancement of Women in Agriculture.''

The survey is available for both men and women and it takes about 15 minutes to complete.


A new agribusiness called G-3 Canada Limited says it will be constructing a new lake terminal at the Port of Hamilton.

The company says the 50 thousand metric tonne facility will house grains and oilseeds out of southern Ontario for export to global markets.

Grains and oilseeds will be loaded on to vessels for transport to G-3's facilities on the St. Lawrence River.

From there, they will be shipped onwards to export markets around the world.

G-3 Canada Limited is headquartered in Winnipeg.


Canadian restaurants aren't holding out much hope that the new Trans-Pacific Partnership deal will boost the availability of the antibiotic-free chicken their customers are increasingly requesting.

The deal will open an additional 2.1 per cent of the Canadian chicken market to imports in addition to the 7.5 per cent existing threshold.

Joyce Reynolds is the Executive Vice President of Restaurants Canada.

She says the change is so small they're doubtful it will be a catalyst for Canadian farmers to be more innovative and responsive to consumer needs.

The Chicken Farmers of Canada says it's already working to reduce antibiotics and doesn't believe additional imports will spur more production of antibiotic-free birds.


The C-E-O of the American Egg Board has stepped down earlier than planned.

It follows the release of emails indicating she tried to stop the sale of a vegan mayonnaise at Whole Foods.

Joanne Ivy retired at the end of September.

Before the release of the emails, the egg board said Ivy would retire December 31st.

The U-S Department of Agriculture is investigating the egg board over its actions related to Hampton Creek, a San Francisco startup that makes the eggless mayonnaise alternative Just Mayo.


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