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Low Loonie Could Help Farmers

By Fadi Didi

FCC says weaker Canadian dollar should help make Canadian products before more affordable in U-S.

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The weaker Canadian dollar could be good news for Canadian farmers.

Farm Credit Canada's chief economist says it should Canadian products be more affordable for U-S buyers.

But J-P Gervais points out the currency of our competitors has also lost value against the U-S dollar -- potentially hurting our competitiveness in the American market.

Gervais adds world economic jitters -- especially what's going on in China -- will also have an impact on Canadian agricultural exports.


Farm input costs in Canada went up in the second quarter.

Stats Canada says reports the costs for April to June increased 1 and a half per cent -- mainly due to a rise in animal production costs of 3.1 per cent.

There were other increases for general business and building costs, and for both crop production and for machinery and motor vehicles.

Ontario's quarter-to-quarter increase was also 1.5 per cent.

The highest was in Alberta at 2.2 per cent.


About 400 people on motorbikes and classic cars turned out for a charity ride for a farm family in central Alberta over the weekend.

It was to support of the family of three sisters who suffocated while playing in a truck loaded with canola.

Participants delivered the money they raised to the Eckville Credit Union to help support the family.


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