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Teaching Youth About Healthy Food

By Fadi Didi

OFA introduces new program as NFU opposes the TPP and storm damage hits South Carolina farmers.

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The Ontario Federation of Agriculture has introduced a new program called Six by Sixteeen.

It's a good literacy initiative to help young people make healthy food choices.

The OFA says the goal is to teach young people how to plan and prepare six nutritious meals by the time they're 16 years old.

As part of the program -- parents, health professionals and young teens can share local food and healthy food choices on a new website.


The National Farmers Union is voicing its opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

President Jan Slomp says it would severely damage Canada's supply managed sectors such as dairy, chicken, turkey and eggs.

The N-F-U also says the gains for other agriculture sectors such as beef, pork, grain and oilseeds is an illusion.

Slomp says the government's promised compensation to dairy producers for their losses will be borne by the taxpayer.

Slomp also points to statements made by New Zealand's dairy industry and its trade minister indicate that the T-P-P may contain additional concessions on dairy that will be phased in over time or will be the subject of future rounds of T-P-P talks.


And the top agriculture official in South Carolina says the losses to crops alone could top more than 300-million dollars as a result of the record rainfall and flooding.

The flood threat isn't yet over -- with coastal areas now bracing for the high river levels heading toward the ocean from inland areas.



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