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Divide Over Trans Pacific Partnership

By Fadi Didi

Saskatchewan Premier supports the proposed deal, but Ontario and other provinces do not.

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There appears to be a continental divide in Canada over the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

A political and regional split appeared yesterday at the Atlanta conference centre that's hosting the 12-country negotiations.

A letter was presented from Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall that was supportive of the T-P-P -- along with one from the Ontario government that was opposed.

Cabinet ministers from Liberal governments in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick all showed up to press federal negotiators against opening the dairy sector to foreign competition.

Wall says the proposed deal represents unprecedented market access for exports in a region that holds potential demand for his province's products.

Should a deal be reached before election day, the Harper government will be pressed to manage the political reaction.


Farm equipment manufacturer Deere and Company says it has reached a tentative agreement with the United Auto Workers union.

It averts a possible strike by 10-thousand employees at 12 factories in three states.

The new contract -- which still requires approval by union members -- replaces a six-year agreement that expired at midnight on Wednesday.

Declining sales have led Deere to lay off more workers in Iowa and Illinois this year.


An associate professor at the University of Guelph is trying to get a clearer picture of the stress situation among Ontario's agricultural producers.

Doctor Andria Jones-Bitton says there's lots of anecdotal evidence out there that producers are suffering from mental health and stress issues.

She's hoping her on-line survey will gather important information about the mental wellness of agricultural producers in the province.

Jones-Bitton calls it a baseline study -- something she hopes to be able to build on to find ways to support producers and contribute to their overall well-being and health.

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