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Pork Council Releases Priorities

By Fadi Didi

Canadian Pork Council releases priorities for federal election campaign.

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There is a lot more talk from medical marijuana producers in this federal election campaign.

One analyst -- Khurram Malik at Jacob Securities -- says a Liberal or N-D-P victory could lead to less red tape for licensed medical marijuana producers.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has long promised to legalize and regulate marijuana if elected.

N-D-P leader Tom Mulcair has said his party would decriminalize the drug immediately upon forming government.


The Canadian Pork Council has jumped into the federal election campaign.

It has released a list of priorities that it wants to see party platforms on.

At the top of the list is market access assured through a commitment to a Trans-Pacific Partnership -- and more pressure on the U-S to repeal country-of-origin legislation.

The Council also wants government to help producers remain competitive by helping with on-farm upgrades and support for research that can lower production costs.

It also wants to see improved risk management programs, as well as streamlined access to foreign labour.


State and federal agriculture officials have told Minnesota lawmakers how they hope better response plans will limit the spread of the bird flu virus and address poultry producers' frustrations.

Steve Halstead of the U-S-D-A says lessons have been learned in dealing with the virus that led to the death or destruction of 48 million turkeys and chickens across the country.

However, he says there are still things that need to be figured out.


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