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Huron County Farmers Honoured

By Matt Villeneuve

Jack Riddell of Exeter and Art Bennett of Bayfield were recognized for 50 years of OFA membership.

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The Ontario Institute of Agrologists has honoured two men from Huron County.

Jack Riddell of Exeter and Art Bennett of Bayfield were recognized for 50 years of membership with the O-I-A.

Riddell is a former Agriculture Minister in Ontario and had more than 100 new and revised initiatives supporting agriculture under his direction.

Bennett spent 25 years with the Ministry of Agriculture and was Director of the Extension Branch.

He and his staff encouraged to prepare, inspire and direct local initiatives.


Ontario's fruit and vegetable industry is expected to hire about 16 thousand foreign workers this summer.

It will be through the federal Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program.

It matches farmers with workers from Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean States -- but only if they can't find domestic workers to fill vacancies.

One farmer says he doesn't know where the industry would be without foreign workers -- who are willing to work six days a week at minimum wage.


A field study finds a common type of pesticide is dramatically harming wild bees.

But the study published by the journal Nature also finds that honeybees -- which get trucked from place to place to pollinate major crops like almonds -- did not show the significant ill effects that wild cousins like bumblebees did.

The study's lead author says in areas treated with the pesticide, there were half as many wild bees per square meter as there were in areas not treated.

A second study published in the same journal shows that in lab tests bees are not repelled by the pesticides and in fact may even prefer pesticide-coated crops, making the problem worse.


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