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Another Warning Over Food Safety

By Fadi Didi

PSAC says feds decision to cut $35-million from Food Inspection Agency will mean fewer inspectors.

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A new court date has been set over the fight of neonicotinoid treated seed regulations.

September 28th has been set as the date for the court to hear a request from the Grain Farmers of Ontario for a stay of the new rules.

G-F-O Chair Mark Brock says they consider the regulations to be unworkable and would have a negative impact on the future of grain farming.

If a stay is granted, the regulations will be subject to further review.


Another warning about food safety in Canada.

It comes from the union representing meat inspectors.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada says slaughterhouses in Manitoba are severely understaffed.

President Bob Kingston says they typically operate with one-third fewer inspectors than required by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Kingston adds the feds decision to cut 35-million dollars from the agency's budget will mean 273 fewer inspectors across Canada by 2018.

Vice President Chris Aylward urges voters to consider food safety when casting a ballot in the October federal election.


A study commissioned by Manitoba Pork has identified three big challenges facing the industry.

They include government regulations, fluctuations within the international pork market and producer profitability.

The report says most Manitobans believe the provincial government should allow new hog barns to be built.

The findings also suggest the public believes pork producers are leaders in sound environmental and animal care practices. 



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