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Cattle Producers Lay Out Priorities

By Fadi Didi

Canadian Cattlemen's Association gets involved in federal election campaign.

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The Canadian Cattlemen's Association is sending its priorities to all the national parties for this federal election campaign.

It also includes a questionnaire seeking feedback on how the parties intend to address these challenges.

President Dace Solverson says the federal government needs to help get Canadian beef into more foreign markets.

He also says it is critical that the feds allow more immigrants to work on farms and to process meat -- because not enough Canadians want such jobs.

The C-C-A says cattle and calves from more than 68 thousand farms contributed 18.7 billion dollars to our economy last year.


Yellow jacket wasps are considered pests by most people -- but a horticulture specialist in Alberta wants to spread the message they can be useful pest managers.

Dustin Morton says everybody is familiar with ladybugs and lacewings as pest-consuming, beneficial insects -- but fewer are familiar with how natural enemies such as hover flies, ground beetles, and even wasps contribute to a healthy, integrated, pest-management plan.

He says most fields generally have much larger populations of beneficial insects than pests -- but they're substantially reduced during the process of killing pests.

Morton says careful pesticide use, minimizing burning, and better timing for irrigation can help protect helpful insects.


Green-energy company Bullfrog Power is pushing a program to produce biodiesel from cooking oil rather than making fuel from crops.

Bullfrog is offering to arrange for used cooking oil to be converted into biodiesel for companies that want to offset their carbon emissions.

A key issue is that the company is promoting the use of advanced biofuels fashioned from waste rather than food crops -- which is one of the ongoing criticisms of the biofuel industry.


A government funded program in Calgary has put the spotlight on horses helping veterans with P-T-S-D.

Just outside of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is the business that trained them, and they are working to help people of every background through the use of horses.

Gayle Cartier -- the owner and lead facilitator of Cartier farms -- says their program of equine assisted learning, teaches life skills through horses.

Each exercise participants complete in the program has a specific purpose or outcome -- and she says they can gauge the person's progress through the horses' reactions.


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