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Recall for Chicken Wings

By Fadi Didi

Safeway recalls flavoured, cooked chicken wings sold in Ontario and Western Canada.

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If you have purchased chicken wings from Safeway -- they are likely under a recall.

Safeway is recalling various store-packaged, cooked chicken wings over concerns they may contain the toxin produced by Staphylococcus bacteria.

The toxin is not easily destroyed at normal cooking temperatures -- and food contaminated with Staphylococcus may not look or smell spoiled.

Various flavours of the Safeway wings are part of the recall, and they include package dates up to and including August 14th.

The products were sold in Ontario and western Canada.


The U-S Department of Agriculture says farmers are expected to produce 13.7 billion bushels of corn this year -- down 4 per cent from last year's record.

However, it still would be the third highest annual production on record in the U.S.

The U-S-D-A monthly crop update says farmers are expected to harvest 81.1 million acres of corn.

Iowa is the nation's top corn producer -- and it is projected to harvest 2.43 billion bushels -- that is up 2.8 per cent from 2014.


A federal judge has ruled that Idaho's law banning secret filming of animal abuse at agricultural facilities is unconstitutional.

That's giving animal rights activists across North America hope that the decision will pave the way to overturn similar laws in other states.

A coalition of animal activists, civil rights groups and media organizations sued the state more than a year ago, opposing the so-called "ag gag'' law.

The coalition said the law curtailed freedom of speech and made gathering proof of animal abuse a crime with a harsher punishment than the penalty for animal cruelty.


Mounties will have to give back the marijuana they seized after mistakenly raiding what they thought was a grow-op in Manitoba.

Police say the bust in June at a commercial building in Cornwallis was an honest error that was a result of miscommunication with Health Canada.

Police seized 206 plants and nearly 5 kilos of dried marijuana from inside.

But the owners have valid licences to grow marijuana for pain management.



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