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Pork Exports Down, Live Hog Shipments Up

By Fadi Didi

Agriculture and AgriFood Canada reports exports of pork products down about 5 per cent, shipments of live hogs to U-S up 12.3 per cent.

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Canadian pork exports are down from a year ago.

Stats from Agriculture and AgriFood Canada reports exports of pork products are down about 5 per cent this year from a year ago, by volume.

At the same time, shipments of live hogs to the U-S are up 12.3 per cent.

Federal and provincial hog slaughter to July 25th is up almost three per cent from a year ago.


Canada has ratified the World Wine Trade Group agreement on requirements for wine labelling.

The agreement was signed by the trade group participants back in 2007.

Our government says the deal enhances the protection of authentic Canadian icewine by requiring it be made exclusively from grapes that have been naturally frozen on the vine.

Canada is one of the world's largest producers of icewine.


N-D-P Leader Tom Mulcair has been defending Canada's supply management system during some of his election campaign stops.

Mulcair said during a stop in Perth that he's been hearing concerns from farmers about how supply management will fare in the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal talks.

American negotiators have pushed to break open Canada's supply management system in talks on the T-P-P.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has said negotiators would continue to defend Canadian interests -- notably the country's supply management system.


A farmer in Manitoba is donating 100 hay bales to Alberta farmers hurt by drought.

Jurgen Kohler says he and his wife decided to donate their surplus hay bales to small farms after hearing about Alberta counties declaring states of agriculture disaster.




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