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New Rules for Loose Animals in Meaford

By Matt Villeneuve

Some farmers face fines if their animals roam loose in the municipality of Meaford.

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The director of the University of Guelph's Honeybee Research Centre is the lead organizer of a bee conference next week.

The Eastern Apicultural Society conference begins on Monday.

Professor Ernesto Guzman says they will discuss bee mortality rates.

Guzman claims neonics are not the only cause of death -- he also blames diseases and other parasites.


Meaford is implementing a "Livestock Running at Large" bylaw.

Director of Legislative Services, Rob Tremblay, tells Bayshore Broadcasting News farmers and barn owners will be subject to fines/tickets if bylaw officers receive a complaint about escaped livestock roaming the municipality.

Currently, if farm animals are reported 'at large' the provincial police, bylaw officers and the pound-keeper are required to respond.

Tremblay says the new rules will only require a bylaw officer to attend the scene.

The OPP, however, would still be alerted to the situation if livestock were running free along Highway 26 or if the animals were a threat to public and community safety.

According to Tremblay, the "short-form wording" and fine/ticket fees haven't yet been established --- and Meaford Council will revisit the document on July 27th.

The Clerk says it's uncommon for the municipality to receive complaints about "Livestock Running at Large", and most neighbours lend-a-hand to recapture any escaped animals, whether it's cattle, horses, goats or even ostriches.

That being said, Tremblay says there are repeat offenders who may soon be ticketed.



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