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New Newsletter for Goat Producers

By Manny Paiva

Producers can sign up for the Goat Gazette through the Ontario Goat website.

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Ontario Goat producers are invited to sign up for a new e-newsletter.

It's called the Goat Gazette -- and it's available through the Ontario Goat website.

President Anton Slingerland says the gazette will help share best management practices and tips.

He hopes it will help the industry and producers learn, grow and be successful.


Ministers from 12 countries left Hawaii last week without a Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty -- and without a date set for their next meeting.

In recent months, other countries have singled out Canada for protecting its tightly controlled dairy sector from foreign competition.

Trade expert Alan Wolff says Canadian dairy is just one piece of a bigger puzzle -- noting Japan also has to take in more dairy, while the U-S has to take in more sugar.

The U-S is also asking other countries increase protections for cutting-edge pharmaceuticals against copycat versions.


Our federal government has finalized the sale of the Canadian Wheat Board to G-3 Global Grain Group.

The government announced in April that G-3 -- which is partly owned by Saudi Arabia -- would buy 50.1 per cent of the board for 250-million dollars.

It said the rest would be kept in trust for grain farmers, but in seven years -- G-3 has the option to buy back the units at market value.

The federal government went ahead three years ago with a long-standing promise to abolish the monopoly.


A lawyer for the Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board says group will back be in Federal Court this fall.

Anders Bruun says they will seek certification for a class-action lawsuit against the federal government.

The group contends that the government mismanaged about 720 million dollars that should have been paid to grain farmers from the 2011-2012 crop year.

Bruun adds the group feels the government's sale of the board is short-sighted and will benefit the new Saudi owners at the expense of producers.


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