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Soft Landing for Farmland Value

By Fadi Didi

Farm Credit Canada says smaller profit margins for grain and oilseed producers have an impact.

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If you are wondering about the price of farmland -- Farm Credit Canada says the market appears headed towards the soft landing the agency has been projecting.

Senior Economist J-P Gervais says lower commodity prices triggered a smaller increase in Canadian farmland values last year.

While interest rates are projected to remain low this year, Gervais says profit margins of grain and oilseed producers may continue to tighten.

Gervais adds those margins are perhaps the most important driver of farmland values.


The Animal Alliance of Canada is calling on agriculture ministers across Canada to ban the transport of farm animals during periods of extreme heat.

The animal rights group notes humane societies are always reminding people not to leave dogs in hot cars.

The group says the Transport Code of Practice recommends that animals be moved at night and in the early morning during periods of extreme heat.

The alliance wants the government ministers to prosecute those who violate that recommendation.


Anthrax is suspected of killing one cow and is suspected in the death of two other cattle in Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of Agriculture says a lab this week confirmed that anthrax has turned up in the rural municipality of Harris.

It's the second such case in Saskatchewan this year, and follows one involving cattle in Alberta.

Agriculture officials are reminding livestock producers to vaccinate their livestock.


Our federal government has announced 37 million dollars for the University of Saskatchewan to create a one stop shop for farmers.

Vice President of research Karen Chad says the funding will be used to develop an online digital database.

She says they will strive to improve how crop and plant-breeding is done worldwide.

Chad hopes that will lead to stronger crops that grow quicker, meaning farmers will supply food faster.

The digital database may also serve as a resource for farmers dealing with diseased plants.


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