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Keady Livestock Report

By Fadi Didi

Here are the prices from Tuesday at the Keady Livestock Market.

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At the Keady Livestock Market on Tuesday, 527 head of steers, heifers, cows and bulls were on offer.

Good quality stocker and feeder cattle sold on active demand while cull cows and bulls sold steady.

Steer calves up to 600 pounds sold up to 4 dollars per pound and the same in heifers sold from 2 dollars and 27 cents to 2 dollars and 92 cents.

Steers weighing 600 to 800 pounds sold from 2 dollars and 80 cents to 3-20 while  heifers sold up to 2 forty-four.

Steers weighing over 800 pounds sold from 2-dollars and 38 cents to 2-dollars and 69 -- while the same in heifers sold to 2 dollars and 29.

Cull cows sold from a dollar 13 to a dollar 43 while bulls stopped at a dollar 45.

At the calf, sheep and goat barn, 80 dollar calves were on offer, selling barely steady.

Holstein male calves weighing 100 to 150 pounds sold up to 545 dollars per head.

Market lambs weighing 50 to 64 pounds sold to 2 dollars and 82 per cents per pound, while Billy Goats sold up to 215 dollars per head.

At the small animal sale, Buff Brahma Poultry sold to 22 dollars each while Yellow Golden Pheasants sold up to 13 dollars per bird.

Gander topped at 26 dollars while Peacocks stopped at 73.



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