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Drop in Bee Colony Loss

By Fadi Didi

Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists says average loss was 16.4 per cent last winter.

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The Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists says Ontario posted the highest increase in colony loss for beekeepers this past winter.

Its study shows the average percentage loss was 16.4 per cent.

That is a drop of almost 35 per cent of the loss reported in 2013-14 when the average was 58 per cent.

The study notes the top four possible causes of colony losses reported by beekeepers were starvation, weak colonies, poor queens and weather conditions.


Some livestock producers in Western Canada who are facing feed shortages due to drought will be allowed to defer their taxes this year.

The federal agriculture department is releasing a list of designated regions where it's authorized.

To defer income, eligible producers must have reduced their breeding herds by at least 15 per cent.

Cattle producers had previously asked for the deferral because of insufficient rainfall this year that's reduced the prospect of good hay crops.


The rural municipality of Maple Creek has declared an agricultural disaster due to drought.

It's the only area in Saskatchewan to go that far.

But the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities says there are at least two other areas which are also in dire straits because of drought.

The hardest hit areas have only seen up to 75 millimetres of rain in the last three months -- and only 20 millimetres in the last month.


A farmer in Manitoba is organizing an effort to get hay to Alberta, if he can find someone to pay for the transportation.

Some ranchers in parts of Alberta are having trouble feeding their cattle because of drought conditions.

Jurgen Kohler says he has about 75 round bales he wants to donate.

He says if one part of the country has surplus feed, they should help out other parts of the country that are suffering.




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