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Prime Minister Harper will defend supply management

By Matthew Villeneuve

The PM says Canada will still pursue one of the biggest trade deals in history.


    Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will defend its supply management system for dairy and poultry while still pursuing one of the biggest trade deals in history.

    Harper made the comments after a government spokesman denied a published report suggesting the Trans-Pacific Partnership could destabilize the system that governs how dairy products and poultry are sold in Canada.

    Prime Minister Harper says the negotiations will establish what will become the basis of the international trading network in the Asia Pacific.

    He says it's essential that Canada be part of that, while working to protect its system of supply management and its farmers.


    Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan is looking into a takeover bid for German potash producer K and S-A-G.

    PotashCorp confirmed in a statement it had made what it called a private proposal to negotiate an acquistion, but said there is no certainty that an offer will ultimately be made.

    K and S had earlier posted a statement to its website saying PotashCorp had submitted a written proposal to acquire all outstanding shares of the company, depending on certain conditions including due diligence.

    Both companies declined to comment further on the matter and the proposed purchase price was not disclosed. (The Associated Press)


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