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Beekeeper worried about neonics in our food

By Matthew Villeneuve

Local honey producer says Ontario needs to determine safe levels in fruits and vegetables.


A local honey producer is warning that consumers should be worried about pesticides getting into the food chain.

Saugeen Country Honey owner, Dave Shuit  says neonicotinoids are not only killing off the bee population, but getting into a fruits and vegetables.

Shuit says at least the Ontario government is ordering a cut in the amount of the pesticide use by 50 percent starting July 1st.

Shuit says neonics are going from the ground, right into our fruits and vegetables.

The Chesley area bee-keeper says no one is studying the amount getting into the food chain, or what is considered safe.


A food supplier claims an Iowa egg farm breached a contract after bird flu disrupted the supply of eggs.

Michael Foods Egg Products has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging Hawkeye Pride Egg Farms in Corwith is in breach of a January 2014 contract.
Michael Foods primarily supplies extended shelf-life liquid and precooked egg products and eggs used in food ingredients.

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