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Divide Between Farmers and Beekeepers.

By Matthew Villeneuve

Chair of the Grain Farmers of Ontario claims that extremists on both sides are building a wall between grain farmers and beekeepers.


The chairman of Grain Farmers of Ontario says extremists on both sides are building a wall between grain growers and beekeepers.

Mark Brock says both the direction being taken by the provincial government and the language from the Ontario Beekeepers Association about pesticides are contributing to the problem.

Brock says both sides are committed to pollinator health but the difference is in the tactics on getting there.

He believes the trick is to find some common language they can use to reach that common goal.


Colder-than-normal temperatures shortened the maple sugaring season this year in the northeastern U-S, but overall syrup production still managed to stay strong.

The United States Department of Agriculture says maple syrup production was up 6.3 per cent this season from a year ago, with a number of states reporting an increase in tree taps.

The country produced 3.4 million gallons in 2015, with Vermont yielding about 40 per cent of the total.

Colder temperatures in February and March _ which is when sap is collected _ shortened the season by three days. 


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